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You can count on Travere TotalCare® to support your patients on FILSPARI® (sparsentan).

Travere TotalCare® is a free support program that can provide information and help guide patients through treatment with FILSPARI. On this page, you'll find various tools to aid both your practice and patients, including REMS enrollment links, Patient Start Forms, resources for prior authorization and appeals, as well as financial and patient support.

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Complete the following processes to get your patients started on FILSPARI

One-Time Certification

Prescriber REMS

Get REMS-Certified

FILSPARI is available as part of a restricted program under the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). A one-time Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) certification is required for prescribers.

Get Certified Now

Once Per Patient

Patient REMS

Enroll Your Patient

Complete and submit an enrollment form for each patient in order to prescribe FILSPARI.

Patient REMS
Enrollment Form

Once Per Patient

Patient Start and
Consent Forms

Complete Patient Start and Consent Forms

The Patient Start Form acts as a prescription and enrolls patients in Travere TotalCare®. Complete and submit this form online OR download and fax to 1-888-381-0625.

The Patient Consent Form is part of the Patient Start Form and also needs to be completed and submitted. Forms in Spanish and Mandarin can be downloaded using the links below.

Once you have submitted these forms, the Specialty Pharmacy may reach out to you prior to your patient beginning treatment with FILSPARI.

Your Travere TotalCare® team is dedicated to providing your patients and your practice with comprehensive support

Access Support

  • Care Coordinators verify insurance coverage and coordinate the transfer of prescriptions to Specialty Pharmacies
  • Regional Reimbursement Managers provide reimbursement support and help to navigate insurance requirements

Download Prior Authorization and Appeal Resources
(if needed to start the patient on FILSPARI)

Nurse educator

Nurse Educator

A Nurse Educator will be available to answer any questions. Nurse Educators can also provide personalized support to help patients get started and stay on track with the treatment plan. They can:

  • Help patients understand their condition
  • Provide support for managing treatment plan
  • Assist with understanding insurance
  • Answer treatment-related questions

Patients will also be contacted by a Specialty Pharmacy to review medication details.

Financial Support

  • Eligible, commercially insured patients may pay as little as $0 per month*
  • Financial resources are available to help patients get FILSPARI, even without insurance

*Copay Terms and Conditions:

  • Program only valid for patients with commercial or private insurance
  • Must be a US resident
  • Not valid for patients insured by a federal or state government-funded health plan, including Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and TRICARE
  • Void where the program is prohibited by law
  • Not valid for uninsured patients
  • Program does not replace prescription drug coverage or insurance and is not intended to substitute for coverage

Travere Therapeutics reserves the right to terminate or modify this program at any time without notice.

Financial support

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